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Muze B.V. - Internet Consultancy is een IT-consultancy gelegen aan Eeftinksweg 15 in Enschede.

Meer informatie over Muze B.V. - Internet Consultancy in Enschede

Muze is a company that has been creating, fixing, and improving websites, webapps, and tools since 1998. They believe that simple solutions are better because they scale better, integrate better, are more usable and re-usable, more secure, and have fewer bugs. They offer services in user interface design, development, and security and availability. They have also created an easy-to-use website editor, open source PHP components, and a web application platform and CMS. Muze is made up of a team of creative dissidents who are always looking for different and better solutions. They are currently looking for a web developer to join their team. They also work on experiments and cool projects such as an HTML5 PDF viewer with annotations and sketching, attempting to change HTML by skipping the markup part, and a quickstart for seamless color and font changes on predefined templates. Muze is located in Enschede, the Netherlands.

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